50 Pool Instagram Captions for Swimming Lovers

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Pool Instagram captions :

There’s no doubt that swimming is a great workout, it increases both flexibility and body strength.

However, if you love to spent time on the pool and looking for some of the best Pool Instagram captions then you are at the right place

Here in this post we hand-picked some of the best Pool captions for Instagram and Facebook that you can add while uploading your inspiring swimming workout photos on social media

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Pool Instagram captions 

  • Find me under the water
  • Don’t be afraid to jump in
  • Life is cool by the pool
  • sunshine, poolside, downtime
  • when life gets you down, do you know what you have got to do – Just keep swimming
  • Life gets better in the pool
  • I’m one pool kid
  • Eat, sleep, swim, repeat
  • I’m doing this for me
  • Having fun in the pool
  • All good writing is swimming under water and hold breath
  • whatever pool of possibility stands before you, Jump in
  • Don’t count laps, make every laps count
  • sunshine, gonna wash my blues away
  • Home is where the pool is
  • Good things come to those who swim
  • It’s just you and the pool
  • keep calm and enjoy swimming
  • Happiness is a day at the pool
  • No matter how slow you go, you’re lapping everyone who stays in bed
  • once a swimmer, always a swimmer

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Swimming Instagram captions

  • swimming is my passion, chlorine is my fashion
  • keepin’ cool in the pool
  • I love the feeling of being in the water, I could swim all day long
  • Quitters don’t swim , swimmers don’t quit
  • I swim therefore I am
  • swimming is the most mental challenge thing, I have ever done and I love it
  • Everything is better when you are wetter
  • You are only one swim away from a good mood
  • Bit of an aquaholic
  • Too cool for the pool
  • for some love is in the air, for others it’s in the water
  • If you have a lane, you have a chance
  • Caution: wet floor grabs attention
  • swimming is the only game where coach yells at you for breathing
  • Mermaid – off duty
  • They never said it would be easy, they said it would be worth
  • Live in the sunshine, swim in the pool, drink the refreshing air
  • We swim because we are too sexy for a sport that requires clothes
  • You never regret a swim
  • keep calm and put your goggles on
  • It doesn’t matter the age. gender, race – water treats you the same
  • Pushing off the wall laughing
  • Your swim begins at the end of your comfort zone
  • when I singing, I’m singing a song in my mind
  • Swimming is normal for me. I’m relaxed. I’m comfortable, and I know my surroundings. It’s my home. – Michael Phelps
  • Forgot your busy life it’s time to relax
  • Seven days of no swimming makes one week
  • The reason why I swim, I get to eat a lot
  • It’s a waterful life

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Pool captions for Instagram

  • Soaked in sunlight and happy colors
  • Let’s savor the softness of the summer till it’s fade away 
  • Beating the heat 
  • This life is like a swimming pool, you dive into the water, but you can’t see  how deep it is 
  • I don’t need a man, I need a bikini and a tan 
  • Unafraid of the waves 
  • when your body gets tired, swim with your heart 
  • My happy place 
  • Happiness comes in waves 
  • swimmers rule the pool 
  • I make these goggles look good 
  • Hit the pool, not the snooze button 
  • Mermaid vibes 
  • This is where I belong 
  • I need to live where summer never ends 
  • If there’s magic on this planet , it is contained in water 
  • She is a mermaid , but approach her with caution, her mind swims at a depth, most would drown in 
  • Every season is a  bikini season 

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