25 Best Dussehra Instagram Captions And Sayings

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Dussehra  (Vijayadashmi) is celebrated every year by the Hindu people . The festival indicates the victory of truth over evil power

On this day the Lord Rama got victory by killing the demon king Ravana.

The day symbolizes the victory of righteousness and the lifting of spiritual darkness .

Here in this post we share some of the best Dussehra captions for Instagram , so just check it out 


Best Dussehra Captions For Instagram

  • A time for celebration, A time for victory of good over evil , A time when world see the example of power of good – Happy Dussehra 
  • Ignite the wrong and celebrate this dussehra with loads of joy , success and prosperity
  • Burn the evil inside and rule the world with your goodness
  • As Shri Rama kills Ravana and comes back to people he loves , As Maa Durga kills Mahishasur and prepares to go back to her heavenly abode. May these good over evil stories , Inspire you towards your own victories in life
  • Rama and Ravana both have same start but it was their karma that defined their end
  • Gods and Goddesses all showered flowers on Lord Rama after his historic victory over evil , May the same fragrance of excitement and joy spread in your life too
  • Let this dussehra be about inner strength and the will power to fight out all that’s evil
  • Let this auspicious occasion bring courage and give strength to us to conquer all the hurdles in the beautiful journey of life

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Happy Dussehra ( Vijayadashmi ) Instagram Captions 

  • Truth is always victorious
  • Let’s burn our ego , Let’s lighten up someone’s life , Let’s decorate our life with hope, Let’s make our behaviour sweet
  • Adharma par dharma ki jeet , Anyaye par nyaye ki vijay , Burai par acchai ki jai jai kar , yahi hai dussehra ka tyohar
  • May Lord Rama keep lighting your path of success and may you achieve victory in every phase of life ….. Jai Shree Ram
  • Let the child in you stay alive and inspire you towards your own victory over evil
  • Troubles as light as air , Love as deep as the ocean , friends as solid as diamonds , and success as bright as gold – These are the wishes for you and your family on the day of Dussehra
  • In true celebrations, finding the good things inside me is my “Dussehra”
  • Health , wealth , good tidings and togetherness of your dear one’s, May this Dussehra  bring you all these and more
  • May you win over all odds of life, Conquer your demons, Rise and shine
  • May your bond with goodness get stronger on this eventful day – Happy Dussehra
  • The arrow of Guru-Ajna destroys the demonic ego and desires in you
  • Boosting and restoring positivity by eliminating negativity – Happy Dussehra
  • May this Dussehra light up for you, the hopes of happy times and dreams for a year full of smiles
  • VijayaDashmi, the day of victory shall brings you success, joy and happiness
  • On this auspicious occasion, May Lord Rama bless you with honour, dignity and success
  • Everyday sunrises to give us a message : “Darkness will always be beaten by light , Let us follow the same rule and enjoy this festival
  • Let all the negativity around you burn today and may you have  a positive auspicious year ahead

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