55+ Best Quarantine Instagram Captions For Coronavirus Lockdown

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Global Coronavirus pandemic ( COVID 19) is spreading like a wildfire, affects everyone’s life around the globe, Billions of people stuck at home due to lockdown.

Social distancing and quarantine is the only way to stay safe because it helps to limit contact with contaminated surfaces and infected people.

Here in this post, we share some of the best quarantine Instagram captions that you can use while uploading your self-isolation pictures on the social media website 


Quarantine Instagram Captions 

  • There is a beautiful world, waiting for us, until we deal with the pain, well stay in quarantine 
  • In Isolationship 
  • Chillin’ out while stayin’
  • Safety inside, virus outside 
  • The easiest way to become a superhero is now, Just stay at home
  • Turn quarantine into a quality home 
  • Roses are red, oceans are blue , this is me in isolation, how about you 
  • Waiting for quarantine to end like a rainbow 
  • Unlimited wifi and 13 hours sleep a day 
  • Self-care in quarantine is like how you take your power back
  • The most important time in the world is the time you make for yourself
  • Missing beautiful beach days, but let’s keep having faith that this will be over soon and try to learn something new everyday and feed our brains with creativity 
  • Closed in a room, my imagination becomes the universe, and the rest of the world is missing out
  • You are not stuck at home, you are safe at home
  • Probably this is the first time in life, I get to chill in balcony otherwise it was just the pigeons or wet clothes
  • Be a warrior, not a worrier 
  • All dressed up with nowhere to go 
  • All-day “I am so sleepy”, All night: watches Netflix
  • May your walls know joy, may each room hold laughter, and may every window open to the great opportunity
  • This quarantine has made me realize that I have no hobbies except shopping and going out to eat 
  • One day this will be over and we will be grateful for life in ways we have never felt before 
  • If you can’t go outside, go inside and meditate
  • Opportunities to find more power within ourselves come when life seems most challenging 
  • What I love most about staying at home to self-quarantine is who I share it with
  • I feel like I have finished Netflix
  • I like me better when I am with me 

Self-Isolation Captions For Instagram 

  • In the midst of chaos, there is also an opportunity 
  • when the world seems a mess, go inside and discover yourself
  • Stop trying to find yourself, create yourself in these quarantine day
  • Distance means nothing when someone means everything 
  • While everyone is learning new skills, I am here trying to make my selfies look better
  • In the rush to return to normal, use this time to think which parts of normal are worthing rushing back to
  • Just me and my quarantine boredness 
  • Netflix all-day
  • Slow down and enjoy the simple pleasures in life
  • Your elevation may require your isolation
  • Self-love is the most important love
  • Your heart is where your home is
  • Living in peace with my life and myself
  • Loving, Living, Free
  • Selfies are my only option, Nowadays
  • Looking at nothing, But good times ahead
  • Self- care is giving the world the best for you, Instead of what’s left for you
  • If courage is contagious, Ignorance is pandemic
  • More smiling, Less worrying
  • It’s all about finding the calm in the chaos 
  • The best time for a new beginning is now 
  • Time is precious, waste it wisely 
  • Eat, pray, love and eat again 
  • Stay strong, stay positive, stay healthy, stay home 
  • keep calm and maintain a healthy distance 
  • Stay home, look pretty 
  • Running on positivity and gratitude these days 
  • License to chill 
  • Carve out and claim the time to care for yourself
  • I like my bed more then I like most people 

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